Hawaiian Hula Dance Class


Taramati Chanel
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Medium: Dance - Hawaiian Hula Dance Class

Hula is a dance of grace and elegance.  Hawaiians did not have a written language before the missionaries, therefore; hula was a way of telling their stories, legends and to honor their Gods.  Eventually the Art of Hula was banned because the missionaries did not find it favorable and it was only brought back by King David Kalakaua (aka: The Merry Monarch) around the 1880s.  Since then Hula has grown very popular especially when Hollywood came to town and showcased it to the world via films.  The two forms of Hula are known as Hula Kahiko and Hula Auana.  I mainly teach Hula Auana and we continue to tell our stories through the Art of Hula.

Goals for participating students:  At the end of the six sessions, the ladies will have a better understanding of the hula and be able to perform.  They will learn the basic Hawaiian Hula steps then incorporating that into a hula or two depending on the skill level or dance experience of those in the class.  It will be a fun class and Hula dancing is certainly good for the heart, body and soul.  Class is open to ladies starting from age 15.

New beginner’s group ladies Hula Class to start soon!  Only 2 beginner’s group Hula classes will be offered this year so check our website for the dates.  Intermediate classes are on-going but you must successfully complete the beginner’s class to enter this class. Private Hula lessons are available so contact us via www.tarachanel.comif you are interested.  This semester I am teaching Polynesian dance to the students at Totara Grove School in Tikipunga.

For more information and to register, please go to www.tarachanel.com space is limited so registrations is appreciated.  Make sure to leave us your contact information.