Fire and Earth Studio

Wheki Valley

Ph: 09 4346131
Email: [email protected]

Medium: Pottery and steel art

Steel artist Pete Brammer and potter Julie Cromwell are the owners of Fire and Earth studio which is set on an idyllic 10 acres with picturesque views of the rolling mountains.  The studio provides the perfect environment for the creative person and the two studios have been purposely converted into a metal workshop plus gallery and the other into a pottery workshop. As well as serving as a place to create their own work there is ample space for them to facilitate group workshops.  Ceramic workshops by Julie Cromwell and Davina Duke in hand building, throwing (on the potter’s wheel), slab and firings.

Viewing by appointment only


Metal workshops held by Peter Brammer incorporate welding, forging, traditional blacksmithing techniques and mild steel manipulation from an artistic perspective.